Daawon Aims for Passion and Innovation.

Daawon, as a specialized company that creates one level higherquality
foods,will keep devoting ourselves vigorously to be asincerer company.
  • 2016. Jan.
  • Concluded supply contract with Lotte Super for “Choice L Honey Citron”
  • 2016. Feb.
  • OEM production of Rose Floral/Rosemary with Seonlim Farm
  • 2016. Mar.

  • Supply 4 type of 'Ice Drink' to 7-eleven / OEM production for 2 types of UCC coffee / Partnership with Mango Six brand
  • 2016. Jun.
  • OEM production for Lotte Cantata pouch drink
  • 2016. Aug.
  • OEM production for Caffe bene 'Cold Brew Coffee'

  • 2015. Feb.

  • Acquired ISO22000 certificate / Acquired MAIN BIZ certificate
    OEM production of “Peach/Plum Tea” with Heechang Diary & Food
  • 2015. Mar.

  • ODM production of “Maekmundong” tea withKkotmoe Farming Association
    OEM production of “Dutch Coffee” with Coffee Bay
  • 2015. Apr.

  • ODM production of “Pomegranate, Mojito” with Kumnong Food
    OEM production of “Dutch Coffee” with Coffee Bay
  • 2015. May.

  • Acquired organic processing certificate
    ODM production of “Dutch Water/Rock Pine Tea” Ildong Pharmaceutical
  • 2015. Jun.

  • Designated as a high growing (Gazelles Company) company
    Designated as a promising small and medium company for export
    ODM production of “Probiotic” beverage with Biogenics Korea
  • 2015. Jul.

  • ODM production of “Chestnut Extract Tea” Myeongjin F&B
    ODM production of “Peanut Sprout” extract beverage Resveratol
  • 2015. Nov.
  • ODM production of “Organic Soya Milk KongKongi” with GT farm

  • 2014. Feb.
  • Concluded export contract with Gayoo Limited in Tsingtao China
  • 2014. Mar.
  • Building completion ceremony for HACCP new factory in Okcheon, Chungcheongbuk-do
  • 2014. May.
  • Acquired license for health functional food manufacturer / Acquired HACCP certificate
  • 2014. Sep.
  • Acquired GMP certificate
  • 2014. Oct.
  • Industrial innovation 3.0 excellent company certificate
  • 2013. Jan.
  • Supply contract with Mini Stop for Real Mango/Grapefruit Juice
  • 2013. Feb.

  • Concluded investment MOU with Chungcheongbuk-do government
    (HACCP new factory investment in 9,000 square meter of Chungcheongbuk-do Okcheon industrial complex)
  • 2013. Apr.

  • Concluded export MOU with Saudi Arabia
    Concluded supply contract for K.F.C large size coffee (2L)
  • 2013. Jul.
  • Concluded product supply contract with the head office of Nonghyup
  • 2013. Sep.

  • Concluded export contract with Vietnam for V68
    Groundbreaking ceremony for HACCP new factory in Okcheon, Chungcheongbuk-do

  • 2012. May.
  • Technical innovative INNO-BIZ Company certificate
  • 2012. Jul.
  • Selected as a promising small and medium company in Choongnam
  • 2012. Oct.
  • Contract of 7-Eleven P.B Oriental Raisin Water 340ML/500ML
  • 2012. Nov.
  • Concluded export MOU with Wenzen group in Tsingtao China (benerage/coffee)
  • 2012. Dec.
  • Won excellent venture company award sponsored by Choongnam venture association

  • 2011. Jan.

  • Passed audit by Japan Ueshima Coffee Company (UCC), and confirmed the launch of ice black coffee
    Cooperate with Rural Development Administration for the development of anti-aging functional product development using mulberry skin
  • 2011. Feb

  • Passed audit by Mini Stop, and confirmed the launch of 2 types ice drink
    Confirmed the production & supply of “kiwi, Pomegranate” ice drink through OEM with Treeshore
    Confirmed the launch of Oriental Raisin Honey Date Tea: 7-Eleven, Buy the Way, Lotte Super
  • 2011. Oct.
  • Concluded supply contract with Korail Retail (Story Way): Oriental Raisin Honey Date Tea

  • 2010. Jan.

  • Acquired certificate for domestic organic production factor
    Production & supply of “Fruit Juice: Strawberry, Green Kiwi” through OEM with JoyFT
  • 2010. Feb.

  • Developed “Grainless Sweet Rice Drink” and launched at SSG department store/AK Plaza
    Recognized the success of government national task “Fermented beverage manufacturing technology development”
  • 2010. Apr.

  • Passed audit by Lotte Safety Center and Daymon
    Production & supply of “Grain Ground Sweet Rice Drink” through ODM with SnK
  • 2010. May.

  • Launched 3 types of cold storage grind fruit juice “Gold Kiwi, Strawberry, Orange”=> 7-Eleven, Buy the Way
    Concluded contract of military supply for 3 vending machine coffee products with MND Welfare Agency
  • 2010. Sep.
  • Developed and launched Lior Blueberry Juice: SSG department store, Lotte department store, AKPlaza
  • 2010. Dec.

  • Launched Daawon Backhwago, Hukhwago: Started supply to SSG department store
    Acquired international certificate for US Organic Sweet Rice Drink
  • 2009. Jan.
  • Acquired patent for “Fermented Ginger Beverage Manufacturing Method”
  • 2009. Feb.
  • Performed government national task: Manufacturing technology of functional fermented beverage
  • 2009. May.

  • Production & supply of “Gorosoo” through ODM with Seoul Vet Pharma
    “Gild Ginseng Drink”, “Arrowroot Juice” through ODM with Geonyang Food
    Production & supply of “Organic Sweet Rice Drink, Organic Graph Juice, Apple Juice, Tangerine Juice” through ODM with Hangarek FS
  • 2009. Jun.
  • Production & supply of “Peach Tea”, “Lemonade”, “Pomegranate Aid” trough OEM with Jardin
  • 2009. Aug.
  • Exported “Mum, White lotus, Acacia” to China
  • 2009. Oct.
  • Production & supply of “Organic Juice: Graph, Orange” through OEM with ProM / Acquired ISO 9001 certificate
  • 2009. Dec.
  • Production & supply of “soya milk” through ODM with Haruaelife / Passed Yonsei Milk’s audit

  • 2008. Apr.
  • Developed / launched Huksamsoo
  • 2008. May.
  • Exported Huksamsoo to the US / Developed /launched mum/white lotus/acacia extracted tea beverage
  • 2008. Jun.
  • Started supply tea beverages to Samsung Plaza/DongA department
  • 2008. Jul.
  • Started supply Huksamsoo to expressway rest area / Started supply tea beverages to Best All
  • 2008. Oct.
  • Started supply tea beverages to Lotte Super
  • 2008. Dec.

  • Developed /launched fermented beverage “Ginger Flowers Bloom”
    Started supply “Mum, Ginger Fermented Beverage” to Family Mart
    Established and accredited the company’s annex research institute

  • 2007. Apr
  • Established Daawon Co.,Ltd.
  • 2007. Sep.
  • Registered manufacturing factory
  • 2007. Dec.

  • Designated as a venture company (technical assessment company)