Daawon Aims for Passion and Innovation.

(주)다원은 한 차원 높은 먹거리를 창출하는 전문기업입니다.

Factory Location Daawon Okcheon Factory in Cheongsan Industrial Complex, 65, Injeong 1-gil, Cheongsan-myeon, Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Factory Size - Sire area: 9,062㎡
- Building area: 3,465㎡
- 1st floor: Manufacturing facility, material storage (room, cold, frozen storages), subsidiary material warehouse, product warehouse
  (room, cold storages), and annex research center
- 2nd floor: CEO office, office, meeting room, water tank, and air conditioning room
- Outdoor: Waste water disposal facility
Factory Certification Status - HACCP certificate
  (Mixed beverage, fruit & vegetable beverage, liquid tea, retort coffee, red ginseng beverage, health functional red ginseng beverage,
  soya milk, and coffee)
- GMP certificate (Liquid)
- ISO22000
- Organic certificate (soya milk, coffee)
Key facility - Mixing room:Mixing tank, storage tank, extract tank, HTST, UHT, retort sterilizer, homogenizer, Dutch coffee extractor, fruit blender, etc.
- Charging room:Bottle/pet bottle charger, pouch charger, etc.
- Packing room:Sleeve labeler, label shrinker, automatic shrink film supplier, shrink film shrinker, retort, cooling tunnel,
  pouch automatic packing machine, etc.